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The International Business Machine (IBM) company has conducted the IBM Bluemix Hackathon and invited higher education institutions to join the competition. The invitation has been sent through mail to the Director of Studies and forwarded to the Head of School in respective Olympia College branches.


The IBM Bluemix Hackathon conducted by IBM brings the objective of providing an opportunity for all full-time IT undergraduate students to participate as a programmer in a friendly competition. This hackathon allows them to experience programming applications on the IBM clouds and also experience the features embedded in the Bluemix system.

Time and Venues

The IBM Bluemix Hackathon was held in Computer Lab 2, Olympia College Ipoh for 2 days. The event is attended by the IBM representative, Ms. Subatra. She assisted in guiding the students to complete the objectives of the hackathon. The first day of the event was held on 24th April 2015 where students were briefed on the cloud technology and how to programme applications on the cloud. The second day of the event was held on 28th April 2015 where the students were actually completing the objectives given within allocated time and presented to the IBM representative before the winners were announced.


Registration for the competition was closed on Wednesday, 23rd April 2015, at 6:00pm. 20 IT students from Semester 2 to Semester 7 joined and registered for the event. The details of the participants are listed as follows:

1.      Thomas Goh Chee Wai

2.      Soo Yip Hung

3.      Lee Jia Lun

4.      Diong Wei Loon

5.      Lim Jia Qi

6.      San Poh Swan   

7.      Chin Wei Kee

8.      Lim Boon Jin

9.      Alvin Lim Wan Sying

10.   Chai Jiun Fei

11.   Kong Jun Yiep

12.   Kwan Lay Yen

13.   Ng Yi Long

14.   Lam Joe Fei

15.   Liew Jun Ting

16.   Chang Sek Leong

17.   Alvin Au

18.   Thomas Chu

19.   Yu Wei Hoong

20.   Ng Hon Lap

Announcement of Winners

Announcement of winners was made by the IBM representative, Ms. Subatra after the event finished. The names of the winners were listed as below:

1st Prize – Kong Jun Yiep

2nd Prize – Lim Jia Qi

3rd Prize – Thomas Goh Chee Wai


Prizes given to the students include souvenirs and IT gadgets such as smartphones (first prize), pens, smartphone’s stands and thumb drives as appreciation for the participation of the students.


The IBM Bluemix Hackathon has given the students the chance to experience programming and developing applications on the cloud. Those knowledge and skills gained from the event would be useful for them throughout the journey in their studies and place of work.


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