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The Student Council of Olympia College Penang organized Independence Day on 30 August 2016.

This event is held to cherish the moments of independence and value the sacrifices done by fathers-of-independence. It was conducted on last 30 August 2016 from 3pm to 5pm. The event was held at the college lobby, Olympia College, Penang.

The independence theme for 2016 was ‘#SehatiSejiwa’. All students and staff of Olympia College, Penang were invited for the celebration. The event began with ‘Sing Along’ activity which covered three songs; National Anthem, Tanggal 31 and Jalur Gemilang. The Deputy Principal and Education Advisor of Penang Olympia College gave their speech as for the opening.

There were few activities conducted too such as Flag Hand-print, quiz related to independence, prize-giving for Merdeka Selfie Contest 2016 and quiz winners and group photo session. The celebration went on smoothly and successfully as everyone has participated well in all the activities conducted. They have also shown their independence spirit throughout the event.