What Our DBM Students Say

My time at Olympia College has been a wonderful experience, I learnt so much about what real business is really all about not only through books and lectures but also by undertaking real business projects with real companies. I am confident that I am well-equipped to face the working and business world and will do well for my future career.

Wong Weivern

Diploma in Business Management

Currently, I am pursuing the Diploma in Business Management programme. Olympia College had eased my family’s financial by providing me a scholarship for my studies. The college had also assissted me with the PTPTN loan for my studies. Olympia College is one of the best colleges and offers a bright future for the students.

Ezekiel Raj S/O Vensan

Diploma in Business Management

Olympia College helped me to come out of my shell, improving my confidence level through presentation and now I am comfortable on presenting and speaking in front of the large group. In these two and a half years, I made new friends and learn what is about teamwork. Lecturers guided me towards the right direction and gave support during my studies to build my future.
Business management provides me an understanding on how the business operates, build communication skills and self-confidence. Besides all, this course let me learn how to manage my time effectively and make my own decision for my career.

Liang Kar Poh

Diploma in Business Management

As a student of Olympia College, I faced various challenges in terms of course assignments which eventually equipped me to be employable. The course I undertook was practical and geared me towards a business mind-set. With that, I am confident of being able to make a contribution to my future employees.

Ee Swee Kim

Diploma in Business Management

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