What Our DHM Students Say

The Diploma in Hotel Management programme consists of lots of practical stuff which I like as my aspirations and dreams is to go into business. I look forward to using all exposure, knowledge and skills that I have learnt from Olympia College to open up a restaurant in the near future. Undoubtedly, I enjoyed my studies at Olympia College.

Allysha Binti Mohamad Akil Leong

Diploma in Hotel Management

I am very glad and privileged that I enrolled at Olympia College. Students have excellent support from the management and the faculty. Besides, I feel very blessed and satisfied that the lecturers take full responsibility in the well-being of the students. Furthermore, the method of teaching and classroom management is also beyond par. Once again, I would like to say I am more than pleased with my enrollment at Olympia College.

Lau Boon Chen

Diploma in Hotel Management

I made the right choice studying at Olympia College, Ipoh. All the lecturers are helpful and friendly, and I had the opportunity to be involved in different activities and events, where I learned and had fun at the same time. I also made a lot of good friends during my studies. I am interested in Hotel Management. It is a programme consisting of many subjects that can be used in different industries. I believe it can help me to get a better job in the future. It helps me to know more about the hospitality industry, which I am interested in. The courses gave me knowledge in various aspects of the industry. My dream is to own a café and studying hotel management is my first step towards my dream.

Moo Kah Mun

Diploma in Hotel Management

At Olympia College, I was able to learn more about the hotel industry as well as made friends with students from various faculties during activities. The internship programme allowed me to have proper training in a hotel and to experience first-hand the trials of dealing with clients.

Soo Xiang

Diploma in Hotel Management

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