Certificate in Commerce

(N/340/3/0217)(MQA/FA2044) – PJ
(R/340/3/0055)(MQA/FA0703) – IP

Especially for students who have not made up their minds on their choice of career, and would like to explore different avenues. The Certificate in Commerce programme is designed as a short program that cover 8 critical clusters for students when they have decided to further their studies in their desired field or venture into careers in IT or Business.


January, April & August



Course Duration

1.5 year



♦ People in Organization
♦ Business Organization and Communication
♦ Business Mathematics
♦ Working in Business Team
♦ Computer Systems
♦ English for Academic Purpose
♦ IT-Computing Skills
♦ Office Management

♦ Learning to Learn Skills
♦ Accounting Information System
♦ Support Organization with IT
♦ Introduction to Finance
♦ Introduction to Business  Economics
♦ Fundamentals of Marketing
♦ Business Accounting Principles
♦ Business Communication


Entry Requirements


1 SPM credit in any subject; or


O-Levels with grade C in 1 subject; or


1 B in any subject for UEC; or


Any other equivalent qualification recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Education


Career Prospects

Graduates can seek employment at entry level in business/commerce and IT sectors; and progress to further education at Diploma levels in either the business or IT related discipline.


What Our Students Say

Olympia College helped me to come out of my shell, improving my confidence level through presentation and now I am comfortable on presenting and speaking in front of the large group. In these two and a half years, I made new friends and learn what is about teamwork. Lecturers helped me to provide right direction and giving support in my study to build my future. Business management provides me an understanding on how the business operates, build communication skills and self-confidence. Besides all, this course let me learn how to manage my time effectively and make my own decision for my career.

Liang Kar Poh

Diploma in Business Management

As a student of Olympia College, I faced various challenges in terms of course assignments which eventually equipped me to be employable. The course I undertook was practical and geared me towards a business mind-set. With that, I am confident of being able to make a contribution to my future employees.

Ee Swee Kim

Diploma in Business Management

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