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The Diploma in Business Management covers studies in administration, marketing, human resource management and entrepreneurship. In addition, students are exposed to understanding of marketing economics and structures, dynamism in the way different businesses function and the nature of policies that affect businesses. Successful graduates receive dual award from Edexcel , UK and Olympia College, voted 6 times Best Large College in Malaysia by NAPIEI.  


Entry requirement:

  • 3 SPM credits and pass in English; or 

  • O-Levels equivalent qualification; or

  • 3 Bs and a pass in Bahasa Malaysia for UEC qualification; or

  • Certificate in Commerce qualification awarded by Olympia College; or

  • Any other equivalent qualification recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.


Course Modules:

  • Introduction to Business*

  • Principles of Management*

  • Introduction in strategic management*

  • Organisational Behaviour*

  • Introduction to Operation Management

  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

  • Managing People*

  • Academic English 1

  • Academic English 2

  • Business Communication

  • Principles of Accounting

  • Introduction to Finance*

  • Financial Accounting*

  • Fundamentals of Marketing*

  • Consumer Behaviour*

  • Computer Applications

  • Management Information System*

  • Micro Economics

  • Macro Economics

  • Introduction to Law

  • Business Mathematics

  • Quantitative Methods for Business*

  • Research Project*



  • Assignments

  • Mid-term examinations

  • Group projects (course work)

  • Written examinations



  • 2 1/2 Years



  • January, April, August / September


Awarding body:

  • Edexcel, UK & Olympia College                      


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