Winston Pereira

Message from our Founder


First, in terms of your professional life, get ready for some fun. Get ready to work hard for only then you establish a reputation in your work. All the excellent personal qualities such as your charm, your intuition and your intelligence will not get you far if you do not blend them with a lot of hard work.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes or experience setbacks. This is the key to survival. Be happy in what you do, if you ever reach the point where you wake up in the morning, and dread going to work, something is fundamentally wrong. Re-examine the situation.

Do not get too comfortable, when a job stops challenging you, perhaps you should consider looking for another one. It is a cinch that someone else is waiting in the wings to do it, if you don’t. Do not be afraid to take risks, hardly anyone succeeds without them. Never stop testing your talent in experiencing new things. Keep challenging yourself and exploring our world and your role in it.

As you look for fulfillment, you may be happier filling a void than following a crowd. Be creative with your ambitions. Be a communicator, learn to sell yourself and your ideas, your intelligence and hardwork are crucial assets, but remember that mountain-top philosophers rarely make much of a difference. Keep your sense of humour, it is often your only link to sanity.

Keep time to reflect and rest. Time for reflection often produce perspective. Always remember that one person can make a difference in this world. As you attempt to make big differences, remember to appreciate the small differences. People are always watching you, learning from you and looking up to you for inspiration. It is therefore important, how you play the game of life.

Mr. Winston Pereira (1953-1998)
The Founder Of Raffles Education Group

The life of ones we love is never lost…
His influence goes on through all the lives he ever touched

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