What Our BIB Students Say

What I like about the Bachelor in International Business programme is the very strong focus on the international and global aspects of business. The programme assessment is interesting, practical and application base which should help me in my workplace. I also enjoyed the online learning resources and learning experience mentored by caring, competency and committed lecturers.

Lau Chee Yeng

Bachelor in International Business 3+0, IPE, Paris

I joined the Bachelor programme between Olympia College and IPE Paris Management School, Bachelor of International Business in 2016. Since graduating, it has presented me with various employment opportunities within the business industryDuring my time at Olympia College Ipoh, the principal, lecturers and administration staff were helpful and supportive in assisting me academically and administratively. In a nutshell, Olympia College Ipoh has provided me with a conducive and dynamic learning experience. Olympia College is indeed “The Employers’ Choice”.

Samuel Ong Yu Jin

Bachelor in International Business 3+0, IPE, Paris

As a student of Olympia College, I experienced competent and dedicated lecturers. I chose this programme because it is fast, affordable, reasonable and recognized. This course widened my view of the global business market in terms of marketing and human resource.

Chu Yong Chiek

Bachelor in International Business 3+0, IPE, Paris

gained a lot of knowledge from experienced lecturers, had access to business intelligence and was able to build my network with other business students. Organizations are complex nowadays and top management are looking for knowledgeable management solutions people. The IPE MBA course has helped equip and qualify me to meet the aforementioned demands.

Ng Yan Ting

Master of Business Administration, IPE, Paris

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