Financial Aid

At Olympia, we believe that everyone deserves an education. Here are the following financing options available. 


Study Loans


Perbadanan tabung pendidikan tinggi

This is an agency under the Ministry of Education that gives study loans to students who are pursuing tertiary education in Malaysia. This is a type of loan furnished by the Malaysian Government to assist students financially in public as well as private institutions of higher learning.


employee provident fund

This withdrawal allows you to utilize your savings in Account 2 to finance your education or your children’s education (including step-children and legally adopted children) at an Institution of Higher Learning.



Winston Pereira Scholarship

For deserving high achieving Malaysian students which excel in SPM but require scholarship due to financial hardships. Scholarship recipients must maintain CGPA of 3.0 throughout their duration of study.

Academic Excellence Scholarship

It’s simple, we reward students for every A they get in their high school results. 

Sports Excellence Scholarship

For Malaysian students who are active and excel in sports or games. 

Continuing Excellence Scholarship

All Olympians demonstrating academic excellence in their studies every semester can apply for this academic excellence scholarship. Speak to one of our student counsellors to know more.

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