Business Programmes

Regardless of what your passion may be, there’s always a business side to the equation. Business is part of the language we use when we talk about financing, marketing and advertising. Business as a field of study is very practical as students learn to engage in in-depth research using quantitative skills and apply ideas in order to maximize production and profit. You will learn how to make sound business decisions, troubleshoot and solve problems, and be resourceful, all of which are vital in today’s business world.


Our Preparation Programmes

Foundation in Business

1 year

A short program that prepares student right after high school to progress to a business degree program locally or overseas. The course covers all the essentials for a successful transition to the degree program, and is widely accepted in UK, US and Australian universities.

Certificate in Commerce

1.5 years

Especially for students who have not made up their minds on their choice of career, and would like to explore different avenues. This programme is designed as a short program that cover 8 critical clusters for students when they have decided to further their studies in their desired field or venture into careers in IT or Business.


Our Undergraduate Programmes

Diploma in Business Management

2.5 years

The Diploma in Business Management Programme aims to provide a structured development of leadership and management skills to equip students with core business competencies and a global mindset. Through a balanced mix of conceptual knowledge and applied experience, students will be exposed to various business disciplines and be well-prepared for entry-level and supervisory level roles in various industries.

Degree in International Business (3+0) 

3 years

The Bachelor in International Business degree prepares students to conduct business or manage companies in a variety of global markets. This programme is internationally recognized and comprehensive, providing you with a broad introduction to management, international business, foreign culture and global business environments. It blends theoretical and practical learning, and includes different specialisations, so you can tailor your degree to your career goals and be empowered for global employability.


Our Postgraduate Programmes

Master of Business Administration

3 years

The IPE MBA from France, a leading economy will enable you to acquire the skill set and expertise that will benefit you in any business environment. The program will prove invaluable to anyone wishing to succeed in the world of business, and will enable you to gain both the skills and knowledge to perform effectively in a cutting edge business environment. With this work-practical and real world based emphasis, you can look forward to rewarding career advancement, a good salary, and a challenging and interesting role with great promotional prospects.

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