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As a student of Olympia College, I face various challenges in terms of course assignments which nevertheless equipped me to be employable. The course I have undertaken is practical and gears toward business improvement and I am condent of being able to make a contribution to my future employers.

SOO XIANG, Diploma in Hotel Management
At Olympia College, I am able to learn more about the hotel industry. I made friends with other course students when having activities and classes together. The internship programme allowed me to have proper training in the hotel and to understand more about this industry.

SUA WUI CHEE, Master’s Degree
I am  amazed at how much I’ve learned at Olympia College  and am proud to have been a student. To recall when I rst started as a student, I struggled a lot.
However, with the strong support from the centre, the experienced tutors and good research facility, I managed to score in my examinations. This challenge that I have taken on has improved and enhanced my personal development, professional skills and networking ability, which are necessary to help me make my way up the career ladder.

CHU YONG CHIEK, IPE Bachelor of International Business
As a student of Olympia College, I experienced competent and dedicated lecturers. I chose this programme because it’s fast, afordable, reasonable and recognized. This course helped me to widen my view in global business market in terms of marketing and human resource.

STEPHANIE TUN JIE HUA, Raes School of Hotel Management
Most of my memories as an Olympia student are good ones. All I can say is that it is an understatement to say that I’m on cloud nine! . I enjoyed my studies very much because our Principal and lecturers are very nice and guided us by making the journey of gaining knowledge a meaningful and an exciting one. I have become more condent and outspoken when meeting people from new and even diverse cultures.

NG YAN TING, IPE Masters in Business Administration
I have gained a lot of knowledge from experienced lecturers and access to business intelligence and networking through students of business. Organizations are complex nowadays and top management is looking for Knowledge-management solutions savvy people. The IPE MBA course had helped equip and qualify me to meet such demands.

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